Ukraine Detective Company
UDC Affiliation in Ukraine, Yevpatoria

Private Detective agency in Yevpatoria

Investigation agency “Ukraine Detective Company” - is the professional private detective agency in Yevpatoria, Crimea which offer the service of provessional investigators and private detective in Yevpatoria Crimea.

      Our private detective agency in Yevpatoria Crimea offer the professional detective service on the territory of the whole Yevpatoria region - in all cities, towns, villiages and any other point of this Ukrainian region, and overseas.

     Today we have the affiliation of our private detective agency in any point of Crimea: in Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Yalta, Evpatoria, Sudak, Alupka, Simeiz, Alushta, Kerch, Inkerman, Jankoi, etc.. Besides, we have planned to create the branch offices outside Ukraine - in Moldova, Belarus, Russia. Our private detective agency in Yevpatoria is the best, biggest, and more professional and armed with the latest hi-tech equipment, then all other private investigators and private detective agency in Yevpatoria, Crimea.

Investigation agency in Yevpatoria

      The collective of our investigation agency in Yevpatoria consist from private detective investigators - professionals in this work, who had many years of practice in Criminal Police, KGB USSR ( SBU Ukraine ), and Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea. The staff of our investigation agency in Yevpatoria, Crimea speak english, german, french languages, and can easy solve many problems of our clients, in this region, or in any other region of Yevpatoria Crimea.

      We use unique work methods, great experience, and non-standart ways of solving the problem in investigative work of our private investigation agency Yevpatoria Crimea.

      Private investigators of our private investigation agency in Yevpatoria adhere to professional ethics and strict confidentiality, while working and act only in the interests of the clients - do not cooperate with anybody (only with our client), and do not transfer the information to the third people.

      We have the excellent reputation among the private investigators and private detectives in Yevpatoria Crimea.

      Private detective can be compared with the doctor - He knows how to keep secrets, cool-headed when work with the customer's order, honest and does his job professionally, in the interests of the client only.

      Our investigation agency Yevpatoria Crimea does not engaged in unfair competition against other agencies of private detective in Yevpatoria Crimea - we are eager to collaborate with other private detectives and investigators of Yevpatoria Crimea and other countries of the world, to provide the necessary support to our colleagues, because we are doing the same, very important, difficult and useful for all business.

      The Ukrainian agency of private detectives and investigators “Ukraine Detective Company” guarantees our client the high quality, professionalism, confidentiality while doing the the work.

     Investigative Services Provided in Yevpatoria Crimea:

• background checks (basic check) in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• complex background checks (deep check of person) in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• provessional surveillance (car, person) in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• internet dating background check in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• professional body guard in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• scam investigations, search scammers, people in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• private investigations and detective services in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• anti-scam - exposure and search of scammers in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• Investigation of the facts of conjugal infidelity with giving the photo/video reports, revelation the contacts of the observed person, departure to the place of recreation or business trip of the object Yevpatoria Crimea;

• verification family status, revelation biographical and other data characterizing personality of the person in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• verification data, and background investigations of nannies, governesses, housemaids from Yevpatoria Crimea which work outside Crimea;

• gathering information about private persons and organizations in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• GPS tracking (car, person) in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• professional search missing (hidden) people, fugitive debtors, swindlers in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• search and check the real estate property ownership in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• search and check the vehicle property ownership in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• assistance to lawyers in Yevpatoria Crimea (gathering information, verification of the data, etc .);

• investigation of the insured accidents, verification authenticity of the information about circumstances of the insured accidents in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• verification information about the business partners Yevpatoria Crimea;

• verification of the candidates for employment (clarification of the lifestyle, verification connections with state structures and rival companies, verification of the previous places of work and the reasons of dismissal in Yevpatoria Crimea;

• verification the clearance of the immovable property or vehicle in Yevpatoria Crimea.

• other detective services in Yevpatoria Crimea.

      Nobody will know about your reference to our agency. We assure policy of confidentiality and anonymity of your reference.

     Our affiliates in other cities of Ukraine and Crimea: CLICK HERE


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